On the Issues

Leading in the Digital Age

Zoe knows that technological improvements help boost our U.S. and local economies. She is a longtime champion of a free and open internet who is also working on sweeping online privacy reforms.

A Champion of a Free and Open Internet

Among her colleagues in Congress, Zoe is valued and respected for her thoughtful insight and the forward-leaning policies she advances to help spur the development of new technologies and the growth of America’s economy in the Digital Age.

“When so much of our prosperity is related to the tech industry, it’s important for Congress to legislate in smart and sensible ways.” – Zoe Lofgren

Zoe was instrumental in the selection of San Jose for the first-ever West Coast regional U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – finally giving startups and inventors direct access to the services they need to thrive and innovate. And it is no exaggeration that Zoe was the principal reason we were able to defeat SOPA and PIPA and, thus, avert a real disaster for everyone who wants a free and open internet.

Protecting Americans’ Right to Privacy

Zoe is also a leading privacy advocate and has diligently worked to stop the NSA from continuing their mass surveillance of U.S. citizens and to protect our Fourth Amendment privacy rights.

“We must always protect Americans’ civil liberties.” – Zoe Lofgren

Zoe and Anna Eshoo, both lifelong Silicon Valley residents and leaders, have introduced the strongest privacy bill in Congress that creates user data rights, places limitations and obligations on companies collecting and using user data, and establishes a digital privacy agency to enforce laws.

“Americans have to own their own data and it should not be used in ways that are detrimental not only to them, but to American society.” – Zoe Lofgren